Fishery Research

Purpose of Program

Generate and make accessible a portfolio of science to inform the conservation and rehabilitation of healthy Great Lakes ecosystems that sustain fisheries and benefit society.

Program Scope

The fishery research program consists of a portfolio of funded basic (discovery, descriptive, or hypothesis generation) and applied (descriptive or hypothesis-driven) research organized by theme areas given below. Projects are solicited from the Great Lakes research community and a competitive, peer-reviewed process, led by the Board of Technical Experts (BOTE), ensures a high-quality program of science.

Theme Areas

Research theme areas describe a broad topic of importance to Great Lakes fishery management and are led by members of the BOTE. Investigators with ideas for new theme areas should contact the Science Director. The BOTE particularly encourages cross-cutting proposals that demonstrate integration across two or more theme areas. Examples of how themes intersect are given in the program's conceptual diagram. Projects that do not fall under a current theme area may be supported under “non-theme” research.

Apply for Funding

Check out the Funding for Researchers page for more information on how to apply, types of funding offered, and the annual funding cycle.